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Terms of Agreement and the registered website user, to be called “Customer,” have agreed to the following: acts as an agent of brokers, to be called “Brokers” that are represented on this site. commits not to raise the amount of spreads and not to bill additional commissions for opening a Customer account, and additional trading with any of the represented Brokers. agrees to pay Customer a part of the compensation, to be called “Premium,” received from the Broker once the account under the Customer’s profile, to be called “Profile,” on the website of the Broker is approved. The payment shall be in accordance with the amount and conditions detailed on this website.

The Broker is not obligated to remit Premium to the Customer if the broker refuses to pay such compensation. The refusal may arise from the Customer’s breach of the Broker’s trading conditions, or for some other reasons.

The Customer can only register one Profile on the website of the Broker. If the Customer registers multiple Profiles, the Broker has the right to block all the Profiles, and leave only one Profile active.

If necessary, the Broker has the right to request for additional documents that may help verify the Customer’s identity. These documents may include driver’s license, passport copies, or other similar documents. If it is not possible to verify the Customer’s identification, the Broker has the right to block the Customer’s profile and refuse to pay Premium.

The Broker is obligated to draw funds from the Customer’s account within 5 banking days in the Customer’s preferred method. System commission payments can be withheld. The Broker will not allow transfer to third parties of any information acquired from the Customer, subject to the Privacy Policy found on this site.

The Broker will not be held responsible for the inaccuracy of information presented on this site, as well as on the third party websites linked or referenced on this website. The Broker, however, will exert the necessary efforts to make sure that all information found on the website are kept updated and credible.

The Broker will not be held liable for any losses that happen on the Customer’s account arising from the use of information found on this site.

The Broker owns all the information contained on this website. The same cannot be copied or used without the consent of the owner.

The Broker has the right to block access to the Customer’s Profile in case there are attempts to access website information illegally, company’s staff are treated improperly, spam, and other acts that may prevent the website from operating properly.